Base Scripture: Proverbs 22:6; Prov 4:7 and 2 Tim 2:15


This is a ministry where Young People are taught the Word of God in a way that they can relate with. This ministry enables them to be fully active as members of Act of Obedience Ministries. It also provides a platform for them to be able to participate in church events. The Ministry caters for Teenagers mainly in High School (between the ages of 12 and 19) and those in Tertiary.


  1. Win young people to Christ
  2. Align to vision of Act of Obedience Ministries
  3. Empower with word of God to understand the following
  4. a) The will of God
  5. b) The word of God
  6. c) The need for leading a divine/righteous/Holy/Pure and God-fearing life
  7. d) The power and value of prayer
  8. e) To understand the importance of getting wisdom
  9. To create a lively and fiery atmosphere at all youth meetings
  10. Teach them independence and boldness to confront and deal with issues of life
  11. Encourage them to take education seriously
  12. Warn them from being yoked together with unbelievers and highlight the dangers thereof.
  13. Encourage them to remember who they are in the Christian family, by upholding Godly values.