Base Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:7


This ministry is an integral part of all functions of Act of Obedience Ministries. It provides assistance and support in the area of Sound and Media.


  1. Provides Microphones for the Preachers/Speakers,
  2. Provides Sound mixing for the Praise and Worship.
  3. Provides Photography (Photos and Videos) as and when required.
  4. They are the official Keepers of the Senior Pastor’s Pictures, whether on screen or on print.
  5. Also looks after all the Computers and Visual Projection equipment of the Ministry, including TV sets.
  6. Keeps the records of all the church sermons in CD, DVD, Mp3 etc.
  7. Ensures that all the sermon CDs are available for the interest of the church and outside people.
  8. Render a professional service at all times.