Base Scripture:  Psalm 119:9


This ministry is to focus on the spiritual relationships between single people and Jesus Christ and society at large.


The young people desire to move away from the fashionable carnal focus of being pre-occupied with meeting their soul mate. They are advised to build their relationship with Jesus Christ.

This ministry:

  1. Stresses a relationship with Christ as the most important ambition in the life of a single person.
  2. Stresses the importance of finding and doing God’s will.
  3. Creates an atmosphere, through fellowship and activities, where men and women can be comfortable in one another’s presence as fellow Christians.
  4. Stresses the advantage of a single person being able to serve the Lord in an even greater capacity than a married person can.
  5. Learn to be comfortable as a single person.
  6. Find comfort, joy and peace in being single.

Learn to acknowledge that there is nothing wrong in being single