Base Scripture: Isaiah 60:11; 1 Samuel 18:3


Security Services are essential for the protection of the building and the assets of the church, including the protection security and safety of all believers and the visitors.


  1. Provide general security to all those who come to Act of Obedience Ministries to worship the Almighty God.
  2. Eradicate, remove, and deal with all characters that threaten or are perceived to be of any threat to the believers at Act of Obedience Ministries.
  3. Identify areas where security and safety of all personnel might be improved.
  4. Provide security to the following :
    • Church Assets
    • Church Building
    • Church Equipment
    • Church Finances – Ensure that all monies collected at any church gathering are well protected, and that the responsible security personnel are always present.
    • Ensure that the finances collected is counted in a safe, secure, secluded, well-guarded room, with security personnel available to guarantee the safety of those assigned with the responsibility of counting the money.
  5. Suspicious characters will be permitted to enter the church premises at the discretionon
    of the Chief Security Officer and a member of the Executive Board.
  6.  Right of Admission will be reserved at all mes.
  7.  Negotiateate in a Godly manner with all unruly characters whose main purpose is to
    disturb the smooth running of the church, to willingly leave the church premises.
  8. Where unruly characters resort to violence, employ the principles of law as indicated in
    the constitution, and finally enlist the services of the SAPS (South African Police
    Services). Do this with uttermost diligence so that the perfect running of the service is
    not at all disturbed.
  9. No Security Personnel must leave the church premises unless everything pertaining to
    church security has been thoroughly checked.
  10. The Senior Pastors will, where necessary, especially at the discretion of the Security
    Personnel, be afforded proper security and safety at all mes. Security Personnel are
    not permitted to leave the Church premises until the Senior Pastors have Left.
  11. Security Personnel must in all instances ensure that they abide by the rules governing
    the church with a view to help build the Kingdom of God and enhance the vision of Act
    of Obedience Ministries.
  12. Security Personnel will only take instructions/Assignments from the Chief Security
    Officer, Executive Board, or the Senior Pastors.
  13. To provide security advice to the Senior Pastor and Leadership as and when it
    becomes necessary.