Protocol Team (Including Ushers)

Base Scripture: 1 Kings 10:1 -13


This Ministry is mainly concerned with ensuring the welfare and hospitality of Guest Speakers and Special Guests during their visits to Act of Obedience Ministries. They also work closely with the Church Office and the Hostesses to ensure all needs of our invited guests are met promptly. They display the highest standard of Excellence at all times.


  1. Maintain orderliness during church service and church functions (Everything must be done in Decency and in Order)
  2. Ensure Safety and Security at all church functions (Pastors and Guests to be prioritized)
  3. Ensure that all is in order for visiting Preachers and Special Guests, working together with the Church Office and the Hostesses.
  4. Arrange transportation and parking of Pastors and Special Guests. (Accommodation would be done by the Church Office)

5.            Perform any other duty the Senior Pastor may request