Men Fellowship Forum

Men’s Camp 2016 at Skgogheim Christian Centre

Base Scripture:  Base scripture: 1 Chronicles 12:32 & Genesis 1:26


This is a gathering of men bi-monthly on Saturdays at a man’s home. This caters for Single, Engaged and
Married Men, and is usually accompanied by a braai to facilitate a me of fellowship.This is a ministry that focuses on the whole man, as created by God Almighty, from the ages of 19 upwards (after matric).



  1. To teach men how to study the word
  2. To build men to be men of prayer
  3. To train the men to be High Priests in the homes
  4. To raise up men of integrity in their families, work, community etc
  5. To open up their eyes of understanding and give them the Wisdom of God
  6. Draw men to Christ by bringing through the message of Salvation.
  7. To help men cultivate a relationship with Christ
  8. To teach men the importance of studying, knowing and implementing the Word of God.
  9. To build Christ like families
  10. To teach men how to pray
  11. To grow the church by winning at least 70 souls per year (men) to the Kingdom of God
  12. To create a Godly atmosphere in man-headed families
  13. To encourage, enhance and develop character
  14. To build healthy relaonships among the men
  15. To help one another with any kind of problems
  16. A dedicated team will ensure that these men do not miss the church service and are quickly incorporated to the Act of Obedience Family.

Build men of character and integrity and invaluable