Joshua Generation

Base Scripture:  Joshua 1:10-11; Philippians 3:13-14


This is a body of young believers comprising young men and women in final year of High School, those in Tertiary Institution, those in full-time employment, the not yet married, the engaged and the unemployed. These are young people who have ambition in life and would want to make a decisive impact in their society.


  1. Build a God-fearing and God-loving generation with a high degree of wisdom.
  2. Empower the younger generation for their tasks in the church and the market place.
  3. Instil a strong reliance on the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Produce young leaders that both the church and the market place would be proud of.
  5. Encourage, uphold, and enhance strong Godly values
  6. Pursue and desire for a higher degree of Wisdom
  7. Instil a culture of proper planning, organising, leading and controlling, all of which are basic management tools.
  8. Building a new generation of future leaders which thing will enable them to effectively deal with the seven spheres of influence (namely Honour; Power; Wisdom; Strength; Glory; Riches; Blessing)
  9. Enhancing the skills of the younger generation through rigorous management and leadership exercises.
  10. Equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge to become competitive, effective and efficient.
  11. Tapping into their dormant skills and knowledge base, not excluding leadership potential.
  12. Challenging and creating an atmosphere of the desire to succeed in any task they may be expected to achieve.
  13. Encourage the generation to want to foster good relationships with all people both in and outside the church.
  14. Change and influence their world.
  15. Draw young men and women to the programme in a bid to build the kingdom of God that is full of wise sons.
  16. Instil a persistent spirit of prayer
  17. Help enhance the faith of the young ones
  18. Encourage freedom of association especially with pastors and other stakeholders.