Home fellowship groups

Base Scripture:  Acts 2:42-47;  1 John 1:3;


This is a group of believers geared toward the building up of the Ministry and whose vision is to provide a personal ministry and fellowship to home fellowship group members. It is understood that the group’s commitment to God is also commitment to the Ministry.

A home fellowship is not just a special gathering where members are just there to socialize. Primarily, this group is to serve as an evangelistic tool for unbelievers and a tool for discipleship and fellowship for believers.

The home fellowship is not a local church. It is not to be misconstrued as a local church and should not be substituted for going to church.


  1. Outreach, to increase the burden and passion for souls and a place to draw and introduce other people to Christ
  2. An instrument of the Ministry to bring believers to maturity through nurtured fellowship and discipleship.
  3. A place for training believers on how to contribute in testimony, in worship and to the miraculous by faith.
  4. To provide an opportunity to nurture the gift that God gave to each.
  5. The home fellowship group honours the scriptural principles of spiritual leadership: submission, delegation, accountability and responsibility.
  6. To prepare believers, equipping them through the ministry of fellowship with one another.
  7. To introduce believers to the Ministry to be built through the knowledge of the Son of God unto a point of maturity.
  8. To grow the Ministry with committed and dedicated members.
  9. To pray for the sick who are within the jurisdiction of the home fellowship group, and attend to their needs.
  10. The home fellowship group leader must provide leadership advice , counselling, assistance, to those who are troubled.
  11. It becomes the duty of every home fellowship member to inform and discuss with the home fellowship group leader all matters pertaining to:
  • Engagement proposals
  • Wedding
  • Deaths in the family
  • Hospitalisation of members and their immediate family
  • And all other socio-economic, psycho-somatic (mental or personality disturbance) related problems.