Engaged and Married Couples


Base Scripture: Genesis 2:24-25 / Psalm 127:1-2


This ministry is aimed at empowering and equipping engaged and married couples, and to open their eyes of understanding about the institution of marriage.


  1. To create an environment through which couples can take a re-introspection of their marriages through the eyes of the Almighty God.
  2. To create a safe environment where couples can get insight into each other’s roles in the union of marriage according to God’s will.
  3. To create a relaxed atmosphere through which couples can socialize with other couples whose marriages are founded on the word of God.
  4. To bring about an understanding of how God intended the female and male relationship in a marriage to work.
  5. To revive the sanctity of marriage
  6. To encourage couples to see their respective roles in a marriage as a significant part of God’s purpose for their lives.
  7. To reach out to couples that are not saved and bring them under the guardianship of God.
  8. To reach out to engaged couples and present them with an avenue through which they will get knowledge and insight of the ministry of marriage prior to becoming married.
  9. To revive joy in marriage and rejuvenate the fun aspect of married life.
  10. To create good memories of a journey walked together by couples who are building not only themselves but also, the families God has entrusted them with.
  11. To remind couples of the significance of the third partner i.e. Jesus, in any marriage
  12. To instil a ‘God before all’ attitude in every marriage.
  13. Observe the priorities of marriage

                        1.e.        a) Christ,   b) Wife,   C) Children,   d) Church,   E) Job,   f) Community