Bereavement Team / Welfare

Base Scripture: John 13:34-35; Romans 12:15


To bring healing, comfort, assurance, salvation and show kindness and care of Jesus Christ to the community.


1. To be a vehicle that transports the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
2. To be the platform to build the confidence of the family and also expose people’s gifts In
sharing the Gospel.
3. To show the kindness and care of Jesus Christ to the community.
4. To go to pray for the sick at home and at hospitals, and visit bereaved families on behalf of
the Senior Pastors.
5. To visit the frail at their homes, visit the dejected, and the welfare cases, bringing the Love of
Christ, and the message of the cross.
6. Help with any funeral arrangements.
7. Where necessary, officiate at the burying of the deceased.
8. Bring healing, comfort, assurance, salvation through the word of God.
9. Visit the family from the day of death until burial.
10. Commitment to help is only limited to AOMIN members and their immediate family